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Romyna Menendez #physiotherapist #Bristol #NHS #Hospital


NIN: SR 382118C

04/2015  Physiotherapist, Emersons Green  Community NHS Hospital. Bristol, England

10/2014 Physiotherapist, Shepton Mallet Community NHS Hospital. England.

02/2014 Senior Physiotherapist, Practitioner Feldenkrais method® and touchpro method,  11, Regent Street Cheltenham.
02/2006 – 08/2013: Therapist at “Israelite  Hospital of Rome”  -Geriatric Department.
Diseases treated: Stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, osteoarthritis, cancer, cardiac and pulmonary diseases. Alzheimer, dementia, coordination and balance disorders, joint replacements,  hip fractures,  functional limitations related to mobility , orthopaedic or sports injuries. I worked with people individually and in groups, with exercises to improve a person’s coordination, muscles strength, flexibility, teaching them to exercise on their own. I worked with manual therapy to improve the person’s circulation and restore mobility. This therapy includes manipulation of the person, as well as massage and Lymphatic Drainage.  I used to work  with  other health care providers to coordinate the person’s care.
10/2011 – 04/2013: Therapist at “Villa clinica del Rosario” –Prof Giuseppe Costanzo.
Diseases treated: Pre-Post spine surgery, neck and lower back pain, hip and knee replacement.I worked with people individually, improving their movements with stretching and a range of motion exercises, pain-relief exercises, low impact aerobic conditioning and manipulation. I also worked in educating patients on the principles of stretching, proper posture and ergonomic principles to preserve the spine. Moreover, I taught them how to maintain new postures and prevent future re-occurrences.
06/2010 – 06/2011: Therapistat“Studio di Terapia Fisica e Riabilitazione Fonte”
Diseases treated: Pre-Post spine surgery, neck and lower back pain, hip and knee replacement, scoliosis in children.
I worked with people individually, using Electro therapy techniques including ultrasound, trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and tecartherapy.
01/2005 – 02/2006: Therapistat “Studio di Terapia Fisica e Riabilitazione Lab delle Valli - Sanem Group”
Diseases treated: Pre-Post spine surgery, neck and lower back pain, hip and knee replacement, I worked with people individually, improving their movement by stretching and a range of motion exercises, pain-relief exercises, low impact aerobic conditioning, and manipulation. I also used Electrotherapy techniques including ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and tecartherapy.

2-3 february 2015 Introduction to thermoplastic splinting, London, UK  Conducted by Nicola Goldsmith
15-16 march 2014 :  “touchpro ® UK :    Seated Acupressure Techniques. Course Instructor:  Alisdair Burcher
18-19 may 2013: “Schiena Libera” Prato, Florence. How to keep your back free of pain, conducted by Isabella Turino.
23 October 2010: Rehab Latarjet “Luci e ombre” Rome – Seraphicum Auditorium conducted by Dr. Di Giacomo
2009: Diploma of Lymphatic Drainage Manual “Vodder” method, finished in Rome conducted by Vittorio Becci, Israelite Hospital,  Rome.
2009: “Ossa Per la Vita” (bones for Life) the dynamics of the movement, is essential to stimulate the generation of bone tissue, with Isabella Turino in Prato Italy. (
2008: Ingenious Alternatives for specifics dysfunctions: Basic procedures efficient. Improvement course of Feldenkrais method conducted by Ruthy Alon in Florence Italy.
2005-2008: Posturology Feldenkrais Method, four Years, in Florence Italy, organized by the International Feldenkrais Federation, conducted by Ruthy Allon from Israel
2005: Shoulder impingement and instability pattern recognition and management in Rome conducted by Mark Jones
2003-2004: Postural Re-education Mézieres, two years, Scuola Cittone I e II Stage, Rome
2001-2004: Degree in Physical Therapy at “Universita Degli Studi La Sapienza”  II facoltà di Medicina Thesis in VERTEBRAE, Comparison of Different Therapeutic Approaches
1996-2001: High School Diploma at “Istituto Tecnico Statale di Edmondo de Amicis”  - Technician in Dental Prostheses.  Rome Italy.
Voluntary experience
2010 – 2012 Member of Very Special Arts Italy (VSA) Association promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts, education and culture around the world: Theater director assistent  (Reference Maria Luisa Sinibaldi)
Other competencies
Languages: native speaker of Spanish, extremely fluent in Italian, upper intermediate skills in English and basic language skills in French.
IT skills: proficient in Microsoft Office and internet

European driver licence

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How to Correct Your Posture #Cheltenham #Bristol #physio

What is Posture?
Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or laying down. Good posture involves training the body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments.
Good Posture makes you look great, feel more energetic and project confidence. It also helps prevent injury and reduce pain.
We all want good posture... but it can be so hard to achieve if you have poor posture. That's because acquiring good posture involves not only learning new movements and positions, but changing life-long habits as well.
How to Correct Your Posture
Just knowing how to correct your posture is not enough to achieve a change in your actual habit. Our body uses learnt motor patterns to perform everyday activities. When we sit, stand, walk or move - our body follows previously learnt motor patterns. If your body has learned to slouch - that's what it will do. 

Posture Assessment
The first step to discovering how to correct your posture is to have your posture type assessed. Your physiotherapist is an expert at posture assessment.

Your physiotherapist is the ideal health professional to identify your posture style and provide you with hands-on treatment, posture correction exercises and helpful home products for you to achieve great posture again! And… you're never too old to start. It just gets harder to change your old ways.

If you need posture correction advice, please contact your physiotherapist.