giovedì 20 febbraio 2014

Exercises for life Bristol 2014

Everybody know that exercise is important…but do you know why?  Exercise has all sorts of benefits.  As a physiotherapists,  I have come up with a list of our ten reasons why exercise will help you and your family live a happier and healthier life!

  1. Exercise increases your energy level. Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to your whole body helping it to work more efficiently and boost your endurance.
  2. Exercise and other physical activities are often great opportunities to socialize. Going to the playground, joining a sports team, or going to the local recreation center are all great ways to meet new people.
  3. Being physically active will keep you healthy. Research says that engaging in 30 minutes of exercise a day is all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Exercise makes you happier! Physical activity releases chemicals in your brain called endorphins that are known to make you feel happier and more relaxed.
  5. Regular physical activity has been proven to help prevent a wide variety of health problems.
  6. Exercise can be fun! Often times exercise can be a part of some your favorite daily activities, such as walking the dog, going to the playground, or riding your bike.
  7. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight.
  8. Exercise is good for your heart! It helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and improves circulation.
  9. Regular physical activity helps you sleep better. When you are active during the day, you typically fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.
  10. Exercise is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Now that i have given some reasons why exercise is so important, You need to think about what are you going to do to live a healthier and happier life?